5 must have e-commerce plugins for your website

5 must have e-commerce plugins for your website

Running an e-commerce website is a tricky task.

There are a lot of things that you need to keep your eye at. From the entering of new products to the list of your website to categorizing them, keeping track of the number of items left and also managing the order flow, there are multiple tasks that must be done alongside.

Building such site from scratch that enables you to keep the track of all these activities will take a lot of time, effort and money.

However, to make things easy, there are plenty of e-commerce plugins available that will let you customize your e-commerce site according to your own will. So, here are the 5 must have e-commerce plugins for your website.


This is the most popular e-commerce plugin till this date with around 2 million downloads.

By the help of this plugin, you can transform your simple blog to a highly creative online store with extensive resources. Customize the products gallery, take orders, add discount offers and do various things that you like.

Moreover, the integration with other portals that include PayPal and WordPress makes working a lot easier for you.


Do you have an existing website and want to transform that one into a new e-commerce website?

If yes, then you must start using this plugin. The Ecwid let you create an e-commerce system into the website that you are already running without bringing a lot of changes to the framework of your existing site.

The integration with social platforms let you enjoy a smooth ride as you can brand the website on social sites. Moreover, the free version is also pretty handy and can be used to create both small and medium sized e-commerce sites.


When you have a small scale and medium scale businesses, you often look to cut off the price from wherever it is possible.

If you are such a person, then you may like to use the Jigoshop. It provides you a dashboard that is simple and easy to control.

You can track the activities that are being performed on your web store along with the payments to third-party applications that let you handle toe payments. This is where things get a bit tricky as all these gateways are not 100% free.

Cart66 cloud

The cart66 cloud is a highly popular plugin for the e-commerce sites based on WordPress.

It is a plugin using which you can create the checkout pages, product display pages and proceed with other sensitive e-commerce solutions.

It is cost efficient plugin with a lot of built-in features that allow you to create a great online store.

Easy digital downloads


If you have an e-commerce store that sells digital files, then you are in need of this plugin. It is a power packed plugin that let you manage the stuff on your site.

As it is about online file downloading, so you need a software that allows a user to download the file once the payment is completed. This software helps you in analyzing the sales and earnings as well as get the payments.

So, these are the 5 e-commerce plugins that you can use to enhance your e-commerce website.

Although they may let you create a great site, there is nothing as good as a website that is hand-crafted by professional website developers.

If you want extra exposure starting today, we invite you to have a chat with our industry leading experts. They can help you create a perfect website equipped with the best plugins and features meant for businesses.