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Add calculated value to your business through perfect web designs

  • SEO Friendly Websites

    Build from the ground up to give you 100% SEO friendly website. Reach 98% more people with our designs

  • Fast Website Development

    Get fast website development so you can instantly start your online business and reach new customers.

  • Grow Your Brand Identity Through Logo Design

    At low cost, build a brand identity with perfect logo designs that rivals the biggest companies of the world.

  • Easy Ecommerce Website CMS

    Never lose your way on our easy ecommerce website CMS that is proven to be user friendly from the very start.

  • Low Cost Web Designs

    Never spend a dime more than required. Get low cost web designs that are tailor made to your small business's needs.

  • Expert Website Maintenance Guaranteed

    Get unique and worthwhile after sales services from our in house developers. Expert website maintenance guaranteed will keep your site live even in heavy holiday sales traffic.

Simplified procees focused on your needs

  • Free web design consultation

    Get in touch with our expert programmers to learn how you can turn your idea into reality

  • Get involved in the process

    Buraq technology works hand in hands with you to make sure you get exactly what you want

  • Web development and graphic design process

    Project updates are shared with you frequently to ensure your website is shaping up the way you envisioned it

  • Consistent testing

    On every new change, test the website yourself to see how the project is shaping up. Instruct changes then and there

  • Soft launch

    Bring your website to the forefront and get your friends and family to test it out before final launch

  • Final launch and after sale services

    Get online and start ROI immediately. Request changes even after the final launch

Rest assured. You're working with the best

  • Award winning web designs

    With over a hundred satisfied clients and award winning web development team, nothing can go wrong

  • Free consultation

    Before starting out, learn how get your first website can really help you out through our expert consultation

  • Friendly team

    We think of our clients as our best friends. We'll listen to your concerns and give you the best advice to gain competitive edge in the market

  • Fastest developers in town

    Good websites can take months to become what you envisioned them to be. We like to think and work in minutes so you get out there as soon as possible

  • We're budget friendly

    Award winning web designs can cost a fortune. We like to keep them in budget which you can afford

  • Maximum after sales services

    Your relationship with us will last years to come. We will keep giving you advice and help even after the project has ended

What our customers have to say...
  • Jenny Frieder Chief Executive

    Buraq Technology has constantly made them accessible and delivered some extraordinary work throughout the employment. They have been an immense help when managing unforeseen issues and has offered some valuable advice.

  • Thomas Khalfin Executive

    Buraq Technology does incredible work! Fast, dependable and savvy. This was my second venture with them and I will utilize them later on.

  • Niklaus Wirth Executive Direcotr

    Buraq Technology has remarkable designers that I have a considerable measure of trust and regard for. I was constantly extremely agreeable that is would just begin on a venture when they saw all components. I keep on being extremely glad working with them.

  • Louis Kahn Chief Executive

    As constantly extraordinary administrations, will keep on using Buraq Technology Solutions in everything about venture they are extremely solid engineers, incredible communicators.