The best ways of using mobile applications

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The best ways of using mobile applications

The number of mobile users is continuously increasing. And now the mobiles are no longer used for just making calls and sending messages. They are now used for all types of applications. Now latest smartphones are available on which we can do any type of task that can be done on the computer. One of the best features in the latest smartphones is the applications that can be downloaded from different online stores.

There are many ways of using android applications to promote your business. If you think that application development is necessary because it is a trend nowadays then, unfortunately, you are going in a wrong direction. Rather, think of a strategy for putting the application in the best use which will surely grow your business.

I will discuss some of the strategies there which will definitely help you in growing the business:

1: Pay per download model:

In this model, you will get a small payment per download. Whenever any user downloads the application, you will get a payment per download and the payment will vary for every download. As the pay rate is based on the demographics so you will get a different rate for every user.

The user downloads your application when he finds it useful. The user reads the descriptions to get an idea about the application. Hence, write comprehensive and catchy content in the description.

Images are now playing a greater role in convincing the buyers to download the applications. So, add relevant images and also upload the screenshots of the application.

2: In-app purchases:

This is relatively a new model but it is more feasible and makes your application attractive. With this model, there is no need to run ads on the application. Ads make the application heavy and the mobile hangs while using such applications.

In this revenue model, the application is free to download but there are some features which are still blocked and you need to pay for opening these features. So, to increase your revenue, make the free features so handy and attractive that it should convince the user to pay for opening all the features.

3: Ads display:

In this revenue model, all the features of the applications are open and the application is free to download. But the ads are running on the applications for which you get paid. There are different ads displaying agencies. You just have to get your app registered with them and ads will start displaying on your site.

The main problem in this system is that the running ads mostly results in the bad user experience. Because the ads make the app heavy and mobile sticks while operating such app.

4: Pay for the services:

With this model, your application is completely free to download and use. The user can use the application for free.

These applications have the list of your company services and their description. So the user will pay for hiring your company for these services. Hence, it results in a perfect way of marketing your company services.

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