How to brand your e-commerce store effectively

How to brand your e-commerce store effectively

What is the value of good branding?

You have made a plan to start jogging from the next day, now you will be planning to buy sports shoes. You will just go and order Nike or Adidas. These two words are not the name of the shoes. These two are the name of the brands. With this example, you can understand the value and importance of branding your e-commerce store.


What is the correct definition of branding?

Some marketers have a wrong perception about the branding of the online store. They still think that branding is like registering the company name. Having a unique trademark. Designing a beautiful logo for the company. But that is not the case nowadays. Branding is now all about the reputation of the brand. The level of customer trusts in the brand. All these factors now contribute in the branding of the online store.

Branding should be done with proper strategy. It is a whole strategy that defines many important things. These things include the mission of your brand, the problem you are solving, the perception of customers about your products etc.

Nowadays customers are converted into savvy shoppers and they will buy the cheap product instead of the branded product. Now we will take a look at the ways to brand your e-commerce store effectively.


1: Uniqueness:

Discover some uniqueness in your product. If there is no uniqueness in your product or brand then the customer will simply quit from your website and will buy a cheaper product. So give some reason to your customer for buying your product. The reason should be 100% unique and that reason shouldn’t be present in your competitor’s product. This uniqueness will convince the customer to buy your product and this strategy will compete for the cheaper products.


2: Quality:

Remember business produce a continuous stream of revenue through returning customers. And customers only return when they find some quality in your product. Quality always beats quantity. People don’t like those cheaper products who are bad at the quality. Hence if you deliver the quality you will surely beat cheap price products.


3: Perceived value:

Online shopping is based on the thin hair of trust between the customer and online brand. In online shopping, the customer can only see the picture of the product and read its features. Based on this available information, the customer agrees to pay for the product. This is called perceived value. Try your best to increase the perceived value of the product. You should invest in high-quality photography for your products and write easy to understand comprehensive descriptions for the product.


4: Personal experience:

Use your own personal experience for improving your online store. Analyse your experience and figure out the factors that could improve the customer’s trust and loyalty in your brand. Even small things like the packaging of your product can improve the customer’s experience. Try to develop beautifully and attractive boxes for packaging of your products. Add colours in your boxes to give it a unique look.


5: Gratitude:

Customers feel good when the gratitude is shown to them through different ways. The satisfied customers will improve your store reputation by personal recommendations.

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