Why should the companies switch to open source?

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Why should the companies switch to open source?

Open source software products are now becoming the mainstream tool for many companies and government agencies. The recent survey reports indicated that there is a drastic increment in the number of the users of open source software. More companies are now using it as a tool. Now more open source software is available to the users. The benefit is not just the cost factor.

The software experts are recommending the usage of the open source software to the companies that are still busy in developing their own proprietary software products. There are many reasons that support the fact that companies should stop developing their proprietary products and they should now switch to the open source technologies. Let’s discuss these points:

1) Reinvention is a bad idea

While your developers may be busy in the development of the special software for the solution that is solved by some open source software. This is a waste of money and time. From operating systems to content management solutions and website development, there are open source technologies available for any task that you can imagine. Reinventing the software for the particular solution that can be solved easily by the open source software is not a good idea.

2) Saving the subscription costs using Open Source Software

If you want to use the proprietary software, there are many overhead costs that should be paid before you want to use them. These are actually the intellectual rights cost for using them. You need to pay the company before using their software. But in open source software, the software comes for free. This saves your subscription costs and you can invest that money in the customization and development of some more modules in it. So basically you get more money to invest in the value addition. While there are other costs too that are both needed in the proprietary and open source but open source particularly saves this subscription cost.

3) More error free and debugged product

The proprietary software has more bugs and errors than its open source counterparts. The reason is that only those developers and software testers can check the proprietary software which is working in the house of the company behind the product. And these developers and testers are not that perfect that they can develop 100% error free software. But in open source products, there is a whole community that is working on the product. And there are big chances that at least someone observes the minute errors and corrects them. This turns the open source software to a 100% error free software.

4) It is the future

Open source is the future. Our future software solutions will be heavily based on the open source software. Open source is not just an ordinary software developed by some hobbyists in their free time. It is developed by the specialists, experts, and passionates of their field and they are continuously working to improve it. Almost all the startups are using them.

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