How to design and acquire the best e-commerce website

How to design and acquire the best e-commerce website

The e-commerce market is expanding continuously. Only in USA e-commerce sales is expected to cross $434 billion dollars per year mark. In UK, the e-commerce sales are expected to cross $250 billion dollars per year mark. These are the figures from USA and UK only. The e-commerce market is continuously expanding all over the world. Even in many under developed and developing countries, people are switching from conventional shopping to online shopping.

In the start, the e-commerce was perceived badly and people didn’t use it. They perceived it as a fraudulent system. But with the time, their confidence developed in this system. And now the number of online consumers is continuously increasing.

There are some extremely important issues that must not be ignored by the website designer while designing an e-commerce site. Now I will highlight those important issues in the next headings:


1: Multi niche site versus single niche site:

This point must be kept in mind while designing the e-commerce website. Never take this point easy because a single niche product site has different needs as compared to multi niche product site. Sites which are selling only single niche product are mostly composed of 1 page as compared to multi niche site.
Most of the single niches sites have only 1 page for displaying the complete information about the product and its price. Although there are some single product sites having multiple pages for high-end products where there is a need to display a comprehensive information about the product.

While the multi niche sites have always multiple pages where many products are listed and each product has a different specifications about it. So there should be multiple pages to display information about each product separately.

Hence the designer should look carefully for this issue, and should decide wisely that how much pages there should be on the site and how the information should be organized on the site.


2: Big images setting:

There is a term “perceived value”. While looking at the pictures of your product, the customer can’t physically touch it. The customer takes the decision on the basis of available images. This is called the perceived value.
The e-commerce site needs to have a lot of pictures of a product from different angles as well as different zoom positions. So make the site capable of handling and displaying these pictures without any problem. If the site sticks while loading these images the customer will eventually quit the site.

You should design the site in such a way that it displays the images in a perfect manner and the page should not look over loaded or messy.


3: Product descriptions:

The customer basically reads the descriptions of your products. And watch the pictures of these products. The customer decides about the product after looking at these things.

Hence the product descriptions should be comprehensive and well crafted. Although as a designer it won’t be your responsibility to write these descriptions. But as a designer, it is your responsibility to design the pages in such a way that they can handle long descriptions without giving a messy look to the page.

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