Importance of web applications

Importance of web applications

Web applications are those which are used through browsers and use internet connection. Desktop applications don’t require an internet connection and they are installed on computers. But the web applications don’t require installations and anyone can use them without installation. Just you need the internet connectivity and the authorisation to access the application. Examples of web applications are google docs, facebook and much more.

Benefits of using web applications:
There are many benefits of using web applications. I will cover them one by one under each heading.

1: Runs on every computer:

For the desktop applications, we require installation but it is not required for the web applications. Desktop applications are developed for some special devices and they can only work on those devices like Microsoft word can only work on Windows. You can’t run it on Macintosh or any other operating system.

Hence there is no problem in the usage of web applications. and the employee of your company can use them through any device. Hence it is a cost effective solution.

2: Access:

Anyone can access the web application if he is authorised to do so. The best thing is that it can be accessed from anywhere. Just you need to have a device with a browser and internet connectivity. There will no such problems like the device is not compatible with the application or the application is not installed in it.

3: Customiseable:

Desktop applications require extensive programming for the development. Hence if anyone needs to customise them then again extensive programming is required and you have to spend a lot of money on the expenses.

But the web applications are quite easy to develop and their front end is quite easy to customise. So it will not cost you that much and hence results in cost saving as well as fast work.

4: Usage on different devices:

Desktop applications are quite large in memory and they occupy a lot of space on your computer. While using them they also occupy a lot of RAM. Hence they can only be used on computers having good specifications.

But the web applications can be used on every type of devices with a little modification in them. They can be now used on the newer models of smartphones. So it will make their use easy because using the computer or laptop is not that easy every time.

5: Maintenance by the provider:

Web applications are hosted on the dedicated servers of the providers. The provider charges a money for the usage. Hence you don’t have to worry about the security and maintenance of these applications. They are maintained and took after by the providers.

While in desktop applications you have to manage them and to keep the computer free of viruses because viruses can corrupt your whole hard disk.

6: Workload adaptability:

Desktop applications have limited memory and usage. They can’t be upgraded easily. But the web applications are easily adaptable to the workload. They can be easily upgraded if the load increases. The simple way is to add more servers without affecting overall system.

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