How to improve the usability of the site

How to improve the usability of the site

E-commerce consumer base is increasing at a rapid rate and there are no boundaries now for the e-commerce shopping enthusiasts. There are no geographical boundaries for the customers. The e-commerce sites are basically virtual stores. And the customers can now order any product from any part of the world.

Even after this rapid increase in the consumer base and the improvements in the e-commerce processes, some sites are still performing badly and they are not able to satisfy customers. Many sites are still not easy to use for the users.

Now I will highlight those issues which can improve the usability of the site:


1: Keep the navigation simple:

Customers do shopping on e-commerce sites due to the ease offered by it and hence no customer will waste his time on the sites having a complex structure.

So the simplicity in the navigation of the site is very important for ensuring the good navigation to the customer to the place where he wants to go.

So always keep the navigation of the site simple, and the different sections of the site shouldn’t be kept under a lot of clicks. Keep the navigation system simple so that the customer can easily land at the page where he wants to land.


2: A good homepage:

Remember the rule “first impression is the last impression”. The homepage of your site is the first impression of your site on the viewer. If the first impression is good then the viewer would be converted to a customer.

Don’t mess your home page. Make it look attractive and there should be the relevant information on it. The information or content on the homepage should be relevant to what user is searching.

So give a due attention to the designing of the home page. Put relevant content on it. Also, add relevant pictures on it to show the real life image of the product.


3: Product page:

The product page is also an extremely important page to take care of. This page has the products listed on it. You should design the page while keeping the usability factor in your mind.

The correct combination of font size, colours, and the image combination on the product page can make the page look attractive and usable.

The buttons on the product page and the scrolling options should be easy to use and the customer shouldn’t feel any difficulty while planning to do any action.


4: Add to cart button:

The add to cart button is an unavoidable thing and it must be kept in mind while planning the designing of the site. In many sites, the usability button is not correctly placed.

The correct and catchy colour, font size, and placement of the button is very important in defining its usability. It should look attractive because it is the final call to action.

Some designers take the designing of this button very easy but the truth is that the designing of this button should be done with great care and it should look attractive.

Although you can correct some of these issues but still the designing services provided by the experts will place your site at a higher level. For getting the services of the experts, do contact us.