How to increase conversion chances on your e-commerce site

How to increase conversion chances on your e-commerce site

The days of easy online earning are gone when you have to just make a website and sell things on it. That was the time when you have to just make a simple website, upload products list on it and just start making a profit. But due to the tight competition on the internet, this time is over and you have to struggle with making profits.

Now I will tell you all the ways to boost sales on your e-commerce website.


1: Send traffic to product pages:

Always send the paid traffic to the product pages and not to the homepage. Try to optimise your marketing campaign in such a way that the paid traffic directly comes to the interesting link so that your chances of conversion will surely increase.


2: Engaging product descriptions:

Always write engaging and catchy product description that correctly depicts your product. The content should be of a decent length and have some related keywords. This will improve your search engine ranking and search engines nowadays don’t give value to the pages who don’t have any content on them. Remember one thing that the content should give the true knowledge about the product, it will give long term benefits to your brand.


3: Usability of the site:

Getting the traffic to the site is not the only task to do. You have to make your site look good and the usability of the site should be great to enable the users in browsing your site with ease. The user should be able to find the relevant products on your site easily so make good search options on your site.


4: Technical features like speed:

You should take care of the technicalities of the site to make it fast and user-friendly. The most important issue on the sites is the speed of loading. If the speed is low then search engines will not give high ranking to your site and the users will not waste their time on these slow sites. So improve the loading speed of your site.


5: Lengthy checkout process:

Some e-commerce business managers assume that the mission of convincing the customer to buy the product is accomplished when the customer starts doing checkout process. But that is not the case. If the checkout process is too lengthy and slow then a customer will not waste his time and he will immediately quit. So make the checkout process easy, fast, and short.


6: Mobile-friendly and tablet-friendly sites:

The use of PC is declining. And the users are switching to tablets and smartphones. Hence, make your site mobile-friendly and tablet-friendly. Soon the number of mobile and tablet users will increase hence your site should be easily accessible on these devices to ensure continuous sales and usability of the site.


7: Social media marketing:

Make a social media page of your brand and post on it regularly. Update about any new products that you have added on your site. And post the fine pictures of your product on the page. Since there is a large surge observed on the graph of social media users hence social media marketing is becoming more and more important if you want to make your brand a trusted one.

Although you can do some of these steps but the work done by a specialist of e-commerce sites has a different value and it will surely improve your sales. If you want to get this work done by experienced professionals then contact us.