How to keep up with the competition in e-commerce

How to keep up with the competition in e-commerce

The e-commerce is now a buzzing word today. Everybody is amazed at the ease that e-commerce is offering in shopping. Just tap on your smartphone and relax, the product will be delivered to your doorstep. More and more companies are now investing in their e-commerce stores. In the future, all the transactions will be online and the paper pencil methodology is going to die soon. The shopping is also expected to be done online which is the reason for the continuous increase in the number of e-commerce stores.

To ensure the growth in the sales and profit of your e-commerce store, you have to accept the challenges in it and to cope them with an efficient method. Now I will discuss some of the problems and mistakes made by the current e-commerce industry and will discuss some solutions that can be implemented to cope them:


1: Shipping charges:

Shipping charges are one of the key features that the customers check before proceeding to checkout. It is often observed in some online stores that correct information is not displayed regarding the shipping charges and customers are surprised with the costly shipping charges which are displayed at the last moment of the checkout process. This dishonesty results in the loss of trust and the customers usually cancel the checkout and never come back to check your store again. So, always display correct information and there should be 100% clarity about each and every thing.


2: Generous refund policy:

This is also a big factor in gaining the trust of the customers. The online shopping is too different than conventional shopping in which you go to a shop and fully try the dress before buying it. So, in online shopping, this problem occurs sometimes that the product ordered by the buyer is somewhat different from the specifications due to irregularities. So make a generous refund policy. This will surely increase the customer’s trust in your online store.


3: Usability of the site:

The presentation is one of the most important parameters. Your site should have a beautiful appearance. But always give more preference to the usability than appearance. By usability, I mean the ease of exploring the site. The potential buyer should not have any problem in browsing the site and he can navigate through it easily. He should be able to find the relevant page easily. So, devote a lot of time in the beautiful designing and easy usability of the site.

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4: Loading speed of the site:

There are some of the unknown technicalities which most of the online store owners don’t know. These technicalities have a good weight age in the success rate of your website. One of the most important technicalities is the loading time of the site. Your site should have low loading time and must load in seconds rather than minutes. Our schedules are getting more busier day by day and everyone is now too busy. So, these issues matter a lot.


5: Poor-quality photograph:

A beautiful photograph can prove much valuable and convincing than a lengthy content describing the product. Hence, give more attention to the photograph of the product because it may convert more buyers.

If you really take great care of these issues then the growth in the revenue is assured. Although, you could take care of non-technical issues but the technical issues should be handled by experts. If you want to avail the services of the experts, then contact us.