CCTV Video recorded Data and Analysis

CCTV Video recorded Data and Analysis

In this competitive era, technological solutions are taking over by the storm. While nobody imagined how advantageous cameras could have been, however in today’s time, CCTV video cameras are playing an important role. Not only in crime based, forensics department but also in regular offices ranging from banks, restaurants, schools, etc.
If your business is still not using the CCTV video cameras for daily recording, you truly need to upgrade your management! Buraq Technology Solutions provide the best CCTV camera setups, recording software as well as analytic services.

What is Video Forensics?

Video Forensics is the term used for the skill to analyze any video footage by testing certain variables and concluding with the final analysis. After various tests and analysis, the forensic expert gives his judgment and reveals how the footage can come handy in the specific case.

How we do it?

Buraq Technology provides their clientele with up to date technological solutions which can aid in their business growth like never before. As for CCTV video data analysis, Buraq Technology has specialist teams who not only use profound software to collect video footage in the best qualities but also make sure all video aspects are up to the mark, can be viewed properly and eventually can be analyzed comprehensively.

By fulfilling the needs of each stage in the program, we analyze the video footage so that it can aid in your case properly. The stages include:

  • Collection of the Video Footage
    We take pride in collecting all the valuable video and photographic footage from your CCTV cameras. We collect the data from all cameras so that all angles are covered.
  • Competency Testing
    After we collect and gather all the necessary footage, our skilled experts use up to date software to arrange the footage with date and time so that the final evaluations become simplified. In this stage, we arrange and cut out necessary scenes in working files and finally place each file in order.
  • Video Enhancement Procedures
    With the best video enhancement methods, we make sure the video footage becomes up the mark so that all scenes can be viewed unmistakably. This stage includes:

Sharpening Techniques: With this technique, we make the video data clear and viewable.

Video Steadiness: This stage is necessary so that all the jerky movements inside the video footage become smooth, clear and understandable.

Adding Masks: This allows us to cover all logistics, faces, people or even any non perishable items such as cars which need to be kept hidden. We simply add blur tools to eliminate them from the video data.
While these are some of the listed services in this stage, Buraq Technology offers a lot more when the actual service is being availed.

  • The Analysis of Data
    At the final stage, our profound team experts view and analyze the video data and create a report which aids in your case at hand.

If you have any further queries, please feel free to contact us on the given phone numbers. Buraq Technology Solutions are always here to help!