Cloud Services

Cloud Services

Buraq Technology Solutions unveil the newest, most effective infrastructures online to increase your business success via workload sharing through Cloud Services. Cloud hosting will save your business hundreds of dollars while you will never run out of RAM space. If you haven’t been consumed by the perfect idea yet, let us give you an overview and leave you spellbound.

All Cloud Hosting Services

Our specialists are highly knowledgeable in the software and offer the clients only the best solutions. We host all sorts of clouds: Private Clouds, Public Clouds and Hybrid Clouds. Why settle for less when you have an entire server a few clicks away? You can avail our Cloud services at anytime and we promise you success within weeks!

Buraq Technology Solutions will offer you the most effective Software as a Service (SaaS), Infrastructure as a service (IaaS) and Platform as a service (PaaS). Our expertise allow you to transform your business’s cost effectiveness,  agility, lesser IT problems as well as increase performance levels.

Software as a Service

How about the fact that you connect with your entire organization globally from any device such as a phone or a tablet? More importantly, would you feel safe to know that your data is secure in a cloud compared to ever before? Want to own a setup where the application includes data driven, safe, easy to use, customized and connected services? We, at Buraq Technology offer you all! Outperform all your competitors with our expertise by your side.

Platform as a Service

Our service allows you and your business to use the software to expand, test and organize the upcoming generation of applications in a far more safe and lucrative method. Our cloud services will not only speed up your work but also gain you competitive benefits on the whole.

Private Clouds

We offer you private clouds so that you can benefit from higher security levels and enjoy dedicated services with servers and virtualizations. If you need customized features, Buraq Technology will be obliged to provide you with the best services possible!

Benefits for your Business

  • A greater level of performance of your ultimate website as uncountable machines will be acting as one.
  • A flexible environment
  • A virtual success
  • Cost effective solutions
  • A high level of security
  • Multiple features.


 Unleash the powers of Cloud Services and let your business achieve the economies of scale for a greater success, improved revenues, greater management techniques and everything in between.