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Buraq Technology Solutions is a Top Branding Agency & Web Design Company in UAE and serious about empowering your organization with a brand image that sticks with your customer profile. We take an extremely holistic approach to branding with our team of senior talent that specializes in all aspects of branding.

Have you ever wondered what makes businesses like Dell, Apple, Microsoft, Gucci, Levis, and Giorgio Armani so special? It’s the magic of their branding strategy.

It’s not just the product or service that makes your business come to life, it’s the message you send with it.

We focus on your beliefs and culture, your product, your packaging and your online presence. We know how to capture your audience in a trance so that wherever your brand is alive, it never fails to capture the loyalty and hearts of your targeted audience.

Our branding strategy takes a three step approach being a top branding agency in UAE:

The Brand

We are passionate about working with our clients from the very beginning till the end. Whether you’re looking to launch a new brand, create a new identity, introduce a new category or just want to clarify your business’s message, we can deliver your unique voice.

To help you jumpstart your competitive advantage, in this first of three steps, we look at:

  • Brand Perception survey
  • Brand Identity Audit
  • Name Generation
  • Consumer Research
  • Planning and strategy
  • Brand Positioning
  • Identity Design

The Launch

Launching your brand is all about telling a new story to your customers that create a window for them to engage with. After conducting our initial research, we gain a clear image of who we are targeting and how our competitive landscape looks like. We then help you launch a cohesive brand message that synergizes with your audience naturally.

Here’s what happens in the launching phase:

  • Web Development
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Advertising
  • Mobile Applications
  • Video Production
  • Print Material


Communicating with your customers should be constant. It’s extremely important to keep this communication alive with your customers so they can share, compare and talk about their experiences with others.

At Buraq Technology, branding doesn’t stop at developing website and print material, we make sure that you are constantly engaged with your customers because that is the recipe for success. In this phase, we create countless opportunities for you to stay in touch with the people that matter.

  • Social Media Marketing
  • Content Creation
  • Website Analytics
  • Optimization
  • Search Marketing