Digital Convergence

Digital Convergence

With the digital age becoming more and more accessible by the day, the need of digital content has come very far. Users demand content on their screen rather than paper. If you have any print material that you want digitized, utilize our convergence services to bring your hard earned data to a digital life.

Our Digitizing Process

Buraq Technology is equipped by high end technologies and a talented team of programmers and designers to breathe fresh life into any content. We use tried and trusted methods with extreme attention to detail when bringing your content to the digital age.

We take pride in digitizing thousands of pages using our high end technology and expert team. The technologies we use ensure that data is implemented with complete accuracy. No matter what data is provided, we know how to deal with it.

We use the following technologies to bring your content to the new age of digitization:

  • Dublin Core (DC)
  • Metadata Encoding and Transmission Standard (METS)
  • Meta Data Object Description Schema (MODS)
  • ISAD (General International Standard Archival Description)
  • Encoded Archival Description (EAAD)

Advanced techniques and configurations are used to make sure your requirements are met. We also tend to upgrade our technologies as time passes by so that data is always met with a goal set in your mind.


Having problem digitizing your data? Buraq Technology also provides expert consultation that helps your team to use equipment and required programming to bring any sort of content to the new age. We specialize in reproducing content for the new age of touch screen devices.

E-Learning Platforms

Providing education through digital mediums has become a standard in this new age. Buraq Technology is ready to equip you with open source learning platform which enables instructors, directors and learners to utilize new ways to engage with content. We use Moodle which is a learning platform specifically designed to provide learners, educators and administrators with a secure, robust and integrated system that can help them create personalized learning environments.