Network Solutions

Network Solutions

Network security has become a crucial aspect of any organization or enterprise. Cyber attackers are lurking around every corner ready to expose your network. Without proper security, you put your business and customers at a risk of security threats.

Buraq Technology understands how hard it can be to lose sensitive data to cyber criminals who do not think twice about releasing important data to the public.

We make sure your network security capacity is up to date so your systems are ready to fight back any online threats. Be it hackers, malware, ransomware or viruses, our complex network solutions protect you from this uncalled menace.

A lot of organizations don’t pay attention to network security, this causes harm to their business in the long run. Having sensitive data released to the public, customers start to lose hope and their loyalty towards you is shattered.

We make sure this never happens.

Buraq Technology uses high end technology implemented on Cisco switches that improves your security by a trifold.
The results are simple and amazing. Better security, more customization and peace of mind. We have specialists that come to your organization to implement a design that is proven to work against complex cyber attacks. We also make sure that every loophole in your existing security profile is filled.

Our network solutions include:

WAN optimization – We optimize your wide area network so that everyone in the vicinity has access to secure network. Our operation also makes your network more effective and efficient in every possible way. Moreover, it will consequently reduce your costs in the long run.

LAN/WAN: Voice, Video and information is constantly is exposed to outside forces if not protected properly from the backend. Buraq Technology safely utilizes the technology of all gadgets and systems connected to a network to make sure your data is always protected from outsiders.

Optical – Security measures for grounds and multi-benefit organization is provided. It gives your business the force to fight back catastrophic events within the security if they ever happen.

Remote – With our remote services, you will never have to wait for a problem to happen. We make sure that your systems, applications, network, equipment and incoming/outgoing traffic is well protected even before a security loophole is discovered. We leave no threads untied.

Additional networking services provided by us include:

  • Firewall uptime and traffic analysis
  • Anti-virus/anti-spyware
  • Patch management
  • Backup systems
  • Security events
  • Server and workstation health
  • Immediate notification
  • Hardware/software inventory
  • In-depth reporting

Contact us to learn more about how we can provide secure network environment for your company.