Service Based Offerings

Service Based Offerings

Buraq Technology Solutions offer all businesses an intricately designed IT solution package so that ultimately the businesses can grow in terms of size, market share, customer base, etc.

We provide you offerings in the shape of services which allow your business to flourish at new heights. With our SaaS ( software as a service) you will no longer have to install and use applications on your devices via the old data centers.

Our service will help you get rid of all the hidden costs and maintenance processes such as hardware purchases, daily maintenance, software licensing as well as installation hassles and fee.

How can we Benefit your Business?

Apart from the basic advantages from Saas services, your company will aid from:

Routinely Updates

With automatic routinely updates in the software, you no longer will have to worry about searching for new software, purchasing them or even setting them up!

We will automatically update your software by patch management so that you can concentrate on other ventures.

Simplified Usage and Ease of Access

Our Saas Applications will be extremely user friendly as their accessibility will not be compromised.

Users will be able to access them at any time of the day through any internet enabled devices such as mobiles, tablets, desktop PC’s, etc.

The users will not have to worry about accessing them from a specific location either.

Easy Payment Solutions

Buraq Technology Solutions
offer their clientele the simplified solutions so that they can turn their wishes into reality!

The businesses can opt for the subscription of SaaS offerings and no longer worry about software purchase or high initial payment.

This way, they can forego purchase, installation, updates or the supplementary hardware cost.
In order to aid in the growth of the businesses, we offer ‘pay for the services rendered’ solutions on a monthly basis so that you can indulge in happy budgeting!

Customizable Solutions

With our customizable SaaS solutions, your business can choose how you want your software to be.

You can easily conclude the SaaS offerings as per your requirements and you will not have to pay any hidden fee for it!

We also offer you accessibility to the software according  to your needs while ensuring your requirements are met.

We can add specified features, remove certain features and get them updated as we move towards the success of your goals.

Buraq Technology Solutions provide you the best SaaS offerings in town! We take pride in making technological hardships simple for you!