Software Development Services

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Software Development Services

Buraq Technology Solutions excels at software development of one of a kind, powerful solutions that are intended to meet the demands of enterprises and small businesses alike. We know exactly how much having a powerful solution at hand helps a business thrive in these tough competitive times.

We also understand that being a business is tough. There are budgets and deadlines to meet. This is why we have conjured a team of professionals who know how to produce perfect solutions for any kind of business profile while keeping in their time and budget needs.

Throughout the 6 years of collaboration with various industries, Buraq Technology has been able to create solutions with deep insight. We go for a highly professional individual approach which is proven to work every time. Our clients have enjoyed nothing but success after working with us.

We take pride in our software development process. Our team has a regardful attitude towards your company. We start by providing concepts that are carefully analyzed before being presented to you. Then we proceed towards a detailed requirement specification from you which enable effective development methodologies for us.

Instead of just taking your requirements and giving you a finished product, we work together during the development process and add/change requirements as you see them fit. This makes the software highly customizable that easily meets your needs.

Buraq Technology offers:

Custom Software Development – Your software is designed according to your very specific needs. We constantly communicate with you to provide pixel perfect product.

UX Design and Prototyping – User experience is the foundation of any software. Without a good UI, software quickly loses its charm. We have a team of specialists that test the software in real time to determine how it works with live users.

Software Product Development – Looking for a complete solution for your business? We specialize in providing innovative and new ideas that will leave your users in an hypnotic trance. The results are often more conversions and better business growth.

Enterprise Application Integration – Enterprises have to deal with a lot of data on a daily basis. This is why they need solutions that are not just perfect, but are also constantly backed by a team of professionals to make sure their framework upkeep is smooth.

Our Quality Speaks For Itself

At Buraq Technology, providing quality is one of our core values. We ensure that we stick to the given time and budget to give you the best quality your money can buy. We make sure the end product does not suffer from user interface bugs or performance issues.

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