Different ways to improve the user experience and usability of your website

Usability and User Experience of Website Design UAE

Different ways to improve the user experience and usability of your website

We often consider many ways to improve the outlook of our home. One of the most considered ways is decluttering or arranging the things in a logical and regular order to avoid the cluttering of space. The option of decluttering is not only beneficial for our homes but for the websites as well. It can improve the usability and user experience of the website.

Short Content

Content Strategy
Many recent surveys have been conducted by the web developers and web designers on the topic that how many people fully read the websites. The result was worrying. The results showed that the 70% people just have a look at the page and scan the pages.

No one is that free to fully read the content. Hence, people just scan the page and get an idea that what is on the page and if the content is really catchy and attractive then they read the whole content.
So the advice is to shorten the content. Remove extra words and use short sentences. Try to complete the idea in a short paragraph so that the reader can scan and get the whole idea.

Decluttering the visual content

Visuals of Website
Sometimes we think that by increasing the number of visuals and designs the website design will improve. But that is not the case. Some designers perceive the increased amount of web design as engaging and that it will improve the visitor’s experience.

But this concept is wrong. The best approach is to remove any unnecessary visual content. Just add the necessary designs and visuals. This will declutter the website and the visitor will find the necessary information easily.

Consistency in the design

Design relies upon Consistency
There is a common perception that the more colours in the design will create a more engaging website. This concept is wrong. And by using more colours, sizes, fonts variation the website will become more messy and cluttered.

So the designers should try to create consistency in the design. Instead of using lots of colours, types of texts, fonts sizes, and colours, the website should have a limited amount of colours and same colours should be used again and again with consistency. This will declutter the website and make it look plain and simple.

User goal oriented design

Usability Goal UX
The best advice for decluttering the website is to have a single user goal in the mind while designing the website. There should be a single goal for which you are designing the page of the website. And the design of the page should be compliant to that goal.

The goal can be like urging the visitor to sign up for the free trial, to get the recipe, or to subscribe to the email list.

The page should be as simple and plain as possible and it should only convince the user to do that goal like if you are promoting the book, then there should be a clear download button that will allow the user to download the book.

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