What is the ERP software?

What is the ERP software?

The basic aim of the invention of the computer was to automate the calculating tasks. But soon this awesome device started improving and nowadays it is used for every possible purpose. Still, the basic aim is to automate the tasks that were previously done by humans. The automation improves the efficiency of the work and it also replaces the costly labour.

What is ERP?

ERP is an acronym of “Enterprise Resource Planning”. As the name suggests, the software is for automating the business tasks. It is an automation software that integrates all basic business functions which include, but not limited to, inventory managements, warehouse management, accounting and finance, order processing, customer invoices etc.

Real-time data:

The ERP improves your business efficiency by strengthening your grip over your business. The software provides you a detailed report of your different business processes hence enabling you to take critical decisions efficiently and timely.

Cutting the extra costs:

This software also reduces the business costs which is the key to maximising profit. Only a single system is capable of handling the information and tasks which require a lot of papers and human resource.
Unification and representation of data:
In the conventional paper pencil methodology, the business managers have to read and check a lot of registers and papers for just getting information about the single business process. But this system unifies all the information and displays it on a single screen. You can check the information about any business process with a single click.

Customer relationship management:

The customer relationship management module in the ERP helps you in managing and dealing your customers well. The main objective of businesses is to satisfy the customers and to manage them effectively. This module compiles the data of the customers and shows you the details about them like their history.

Financial and accounting management:

The finance module of ERP helps the auditors and finance managers in managing and interpreting the data effectively. The auditors can check all the transactions with only a few clicks. And this method is more reliable than those conventional and laborious paper pencil methodology. Finance managers can overview the finance information of the company from there and can interpret the data in their prefered way for effective and timely decisions.

Inventory and warehouse management:

There is also another important module in it, particularly for the manufacturing industry. The name of this module is “inventory management module”. The purpose of this module is to automate the inventory calculations and management. It will give you the real-time information about your inventory so you can control the rate of the manufacturing process according to the demands.

Latest ERP systems with internet integration:

Now the newer systems are built with internet access capability hence allowing to join them with customer feedback portals or e-commerce data. This will further allow you to improve your online business presence and processes by viewing the real time data. You can also manage the supply chain with this internet feature and can connect with the supplier portal for getting timely information about the incoming raw materials and outgoing products.
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